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Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Car Seat Combo Review: Top Pick for Parents?

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Car Seat Combo Review

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As a new parent, I understand how important convenience and safety are when it comes to juggling parenthood and everyday life. That’s why the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System has caught my attention. Having used it with my little one, I’ve found that its features offer a reassuring blend of comfort for my baby and practicality for me.

The EZ Ride Stroller and the Ally 35 infant car seat come together to form a system that really simplifies travel with an infant. From the easy one-hand fold mechanism that aids in quick storage to the multiple recline positions, this travel system has made my outings more manageable. Not to mention, the car seat snapping securely into the stroller means I can move my snoozing baby without any hassle.

The system’s safety features also bring peace of mind. Both the car seat and stroller come with adjustable five-point safety harnesses that ensure my baby is securely seated. Moreover, the car seat’s side-impact protection is something I wouldn’t compromise on, and the EZ Ride 35 offers it with a deep side construction and EPS foam.

Bottom Line

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System stands out for its blend of safety and convenience. With its adjustable features and thoughtful design, it’s been an essential part of my family’s daily routine.

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Overview: Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, Doodle Dots

Just this morning, I strapped my little one into the EZ Ride 35 and took advantage of the buttery smooth one-hand fold before heading out. The stroller is not just about looks; the plush seat padding and the multi-position recline made my baby’s ride quite cozy, and I could tell she appreciated the soft head support too. Maneuverability is a breeze with the adjustable handle, which is a godsend for my partner and me since we differ in height.

The ample storage basket easily held my diaper bag and shopping finds, and I found the parent tray with its cup holders and covered space nifty for my coffee and keys. However, the peek-a-boo window in the canopy really stands out, offering me a quick glimpse of my daughter without stopping and disturbing her peaceful outing.

Transitioning my baby from the car to the stroller is effortless, as the Ally 35 car seat clicks securely into place. Of course, the car seat’s deep side wings and EPS foam, designed for side-impact protection, make me feel secure about my baby’s safety during rides.

Although it’s lightweight, the durability is evident—I had no trouble assembling it, despite my burgeoning belly. While the stroller has a few quirks, such as being a bit bulky when folded, the value it provides for easy travel with my newborn is undeniable. I appreciate the thought Baby Trend has put into this travel system’s design, addressing both the infant’s comfort and the parent’s convenience.

EZ Ride 35 Car Seat Combo Review

Important Product Features

Comfortable and Safe Travel

After taking the EZ Ride 35 for a spin, I was particularly impressed with the comfort it provided for the little one. With its plush seat pads and adjustable 5-point safety harnesses with soft covers, the ride is both cozy and secure. The infant car seat, which supports newborns from 4 to 35 pounds, includes impressive head impact protection and has been side impact tested, ensuring peace of mind for parents during travel. The car seat is also certified for aircraft use, making it a versatile option for families on the go.

User-Friendly Design

The design really stands out when it comes to user convenience. Foldability is key for a travel system, and the EZ Ride 35 delivers with a one-handed fold that makes storage a breeze. Adjustability adds to the user-friendly nature; the handle can be modified to three different heights to accommodate different users, ensuring I didn’t have to hunch over while strolling. The parent console with cup holders and the covered storage compartment are excellent for keeping essentials nearby, and the child tray is perfect for on-the-go snacks and drinks.

Durability and Quality Construction

I’ve noticed that the construction of the EZ Ride 35 is robust, combining polyester, plastic, and metal materials to withstand the test of daily use and the occasional bump. The fabric feels durable and easy to clean, which is essential for any baby product. Users have shared that even after years of use, the travel system holds up beautifully, speaking volumes about its longevity and the quality that Baby Trend has managed to pack into this design.

Additional Convenience Features

One of my favorite additions is the adjustable canopy with a large peek-a-boo window, allowing me to keep an eye on my baby without interrupting their view or nap. The extra large storage basket is a godsend for storing a diaper bag, shopping, or personal items. The multiple position reclining seat ensures that the stroller can adjust to baby’s comfort, whether it’s time for observation or a nap. These features combine to make each outing as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to navigating the bustling city streets or taking a leisurely stroll in the park, my experience with the EZ Ride 35 has been mostly positive, giving me and my baby a comfortable and stylish ride. Here’s a breakdown from my own hands-on time with this travel system.


  • Ease of Use: I found the stroller very intuitive to handle; it features an easy one-hand fold that makes storage a breeze, especially when I’m on the go and need to pack it up quickly.
  • Adjustability: The 3-position height-adjustable handle is a relief, eliminating the back pain from stooping over shorter strollers. Plus, the multiple position reclining seat ensures my baby can nap in a comfortable position.
  • Convenience: With features like a parent console, two cup holders, covered storage, and an additional child tray, it’s clear that the manufacturer designed this stroller with parents’ needs in mind. The extra-large storage basket is great for shopping trips or days out, holding all my essentials.
  • Protection: The car seat has impressive safety features; it includes superior head impact protection and a five-point safety harness. The cozy seat pads add an extra layer of comfort, which seems to keep my little one snug and content.
  • Aesthetics: It’s not just about function—the Doodle Dots design adds a playful touch to our outings, and I’ve received numerous compliments on how adorable it looks.


  • Assembly: Though it’s a one-time hassle, the assembly was a bit challenging. The box’s compact size is deceiving, and it took some effort to put everything together.
  • Car Seat Weight: Although the car seat is manageable, it can get quite heavy for me, especially as my baby grows, making transfers from the stroller base to the car more taxing.
  • Size When Folded: While the stroller folds easily, it is still somewhat bulky when collapsed. You might need a good amount of trunk space if you’re planning to transport it, which could be a concern for smaller car owners.

Through my time with the EZ Ride 35, I’ve found its design thoughtful and its performance reliable. It’s not flawless; however, its benefits have significantly outweighed the drawbacks in my daily routine.

Ease of Use

When setting up the EZ Ride 35 for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how straightforward the process was. It’s refreshingly simple to assemble right out of the box, despite the initial concern over the small packaging. What I appreciate most is the ease with which the car seat clicks into place.

I’ve had my share of struggles with travel systems in the past, but the EZ Ride 35 stands out for its user-friendly design. The stroller is lightweight, making it less of a hassle to lift and store. Adjusting the seat is just as effortless, which is a relief because a happy and comfortable baby is paramount. Although the stroller feels robust, it folds smoothly which makes it convenient for transport and storage.

However, it’s important to note that while the stroller is generally easy to navigate, it can feel a bit bulky when you’re on the move. Despite this minor gripe, I found the overall usability to be quite good, certainly living up to its name.

Safety Features

Recently, I had the opportunity to test the EZ Ride 35 Travel System’s safety mechanisms and came away impressed with the comprehensive features it offers. The adjustable 5-point safety harnesses on both the car seat and stroller provided a snug, secure fit for my little one, and the padding ensure that even a long ride was comfortable for them. The car seat’s superior head impact protection gave me peace of mind, knowing that it’s been Side Impact Tested and comes LATCH equipped for additional security in my vehicle.

I particularly appreciated the peek-a-boo window in the adjustable canopy—it allowed me to keep a watchful eye on my child without disrupting their comfort. What’s more, the infant car seat is certified for aircraft travel, which is a godsend for families on the go. The easy one-hand fold feature of the stroller also means that I can effortlessly pack it up, even while juggling the many tasks that come with being a parent. Even though safety is paramount, this travel system doesn’t compromise on convenience or ease of use.

Customer Reviews

I recently got the chance to review the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System in the Doodle Dots design and dive into what parents have to say about it. I noticed a common thread among the feedback; assembling the travel system is straightforward, with comments on it being “super cute” and “sturdy“. A pink-adoring consumer mentioned it’s not only attractive but also a cinch to set up.

Parents are relieved to find that the car seat is comfortable for their little ones, light to carry, and securely clicks into the stroller. Although the travel system’s packaging might appear small, the final put-together product receives high praise.

Convenience stands out, especially with a reviewer mentioning the ease of assembly in her final months of pregnancy and on a budget. The durability of this travel system has been tried and tested over three years and still holds up, showing its quality and value.

While the robust build is commended, some mention it makes the system slightly bulky for transporting. Nonetheless, users are impressed with the materials and modern design. Feedback like “TLDR; just buy this stroller” underscores the overall satisfaction with this travel system among a community of parents who prioritize ease, safety, and comfort for their babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

After spending some time with the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35, I’ve gathered some common questions parents often have about the product. I found the travel system to be quite user-friendly, but let’s get into the specifics to help you make an informed decision.

What are the safety ratings for the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System?

The Ally 35 infant car seat included with this travel system has been engineered for optimal side-impact protection. It boasts high, deep side wings with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. In my experience, it offers peace of mind knowing the car seat is Side Impact Tested, designed with safety in mind to protect the little one. However, always check the latest safety ratings as they can be updated.

How do users rate the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, especially in the Doodle Dots design?

Users generally rate this travel system highly; it currently stands at a 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 22,000 reviews. The Doodle Dots design is often complimented for its stylish appearance and gender-neutral color scheme. Customers find it to be both attractive and versatile for daily use.

Can you provide detailed instructions for installing the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 car seat?

While I can’t provide detailed instructions in this format, installation is straightforward with the travel system’s included LATCH system. Initially, I found placing the car seat into the base to be quite intuitive. You have to ensure that the base is connected firmly to the vehicle seat and that the car seat clicks securely into the base. For detailed steps, always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for safety.

What is the weight and height limit for the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 car seat?

The car seat is designed for newborns from 4 to 35 pounds. It’s crucial to also adhere to height guidelines, so make sure the baby’s head is at least 1 inch below the top of the car seat. The adjustable 5-point harness and padded covers ensure a snug fit, which I found reassuring when securing my nephew in the car seat.

What are the differences between the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 and the EZ Ride 35 Travel Systems?

The EZ Ride 5 and the EZ Ride 35 systems differ mainly in the car seat’s weight limit and safety features. The EZ Ride 35, which I tried, has a higher weight limit, up to 35 pounds and comes with improved side-impact protection and a slightly more robust construction which adds to overall safety and longevity.

What distinguishes the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System in the Sophia style from other designs?

The Sophia style stands out because of its vibrant purple shade that I find quite charming. Having assembled the Sophia style for a friend, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers the same great features found in the other designs. It’s a great option for parents who are looking for a travel system with a pop of color.


After spending some time with the EZ Ride 35, I’m quite impressed with how it performs day-to-day. Assembling it was a breeze, and the charming design is both sturdy and appealing. What stands out most is the sense of comfort and safety it offers; the car seat slots in without a fuss, and the adjustable seat keeps my baby snug and secure. While the initial package appeared small, the product inside didn’t disappoint—it’s both durable and user-friendly, albeit with a bit of initial effort required for assembly.

The lightweight nature of the car seat was a boon, especially when navigating post-hospital trips with my newborn. The ‘Sophia’ model particularly caught my eye with its vibrant purple, matching the images perfectly. Despite its robustness, I found the stroller component quite manageable to handle and transport.

In essence, whether you’re expecting your first child or looking for an upgrade, the EZ Ride 35 by Baby Trend offers profound value. It’s aesthetically pleasing, functionally robust, and from personal experience, an excellent companion for your baby’s travels. If you’re contemplating a reliable travel system, this could be your match. Take a closer look on Amazon for the next step in your parenting journey

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